Degen Dogs

Auction Cadence

The time period for bidding in each auction
Important: The time period for bidding in Degen Dog auctions is not the same for every dog.
The auction cadence refers to the time periods of each auction. To start, the auctions will be quite short and then get longer, eventually stabilizing at one auction every 24 hours.
Auction Length
Dog 1
72 Hours (Ukraine Dog)
Dogs 2 - 26
2 hours
Dogs 27 - 39
4 hours
Dogs 40 - 46
8 hours
Dogs 47 - 50
12 hours
Dogs 51+
24 hours
Another way to think about the auction cadence is the number of Dogs that are auctioned each day.
Day Number
Number of Auctions
Days 1 - 3
1 Dog: Ukraine Dog
Days 4 - 5
12 per day
Days 6 - 7
6 per day
Days 8 -9
3 per day
Days 10 - 11
2 per day
Days 12+
1 per day


The reason for faster auction cadence at the beginning is to quickly establish a community of Dog Owners, each of whom is a member of the DAO. Each Dog owner benefits from the proceeds of future auctions, and this cadence schedule enables the community to form towards the common goal of promoting future auctions.

Future Cadence

The initial plan is for the auction cadence to settle at one per 24 hours after the first 50 Dogs. But this ongoing cadence could be changed by the DAO if members vote to do so.