Planet Degen is dying. The inhabitants of the planet have neglected the environment and used up natural resources at an unsustainable rate for years. Climate change has caused coastal flooding, forests have become deserts, temperatures continue to rise, and air quality has become almost unbreathable.

Most species of life have suffered from mass extinction. The only known surviving inhabitants are 1,001 Dogs. But the Degen Dogs cannot survive for long on the surface. Their only hope is to descend, one-by-one, to the Canine Laboratory Underground Base, the CLUB. The only entrance to the Degen Dogs CLUB, deep below the planet's surface, is via an elevator that has space for only one Degen Dog at a time.

As time passes, more and more Degen Dogs will join the CLUB, forming a DAO (Dog Action Organization). Together the Degen Dogs must plan for the survival of the species. How to best use the limited supply of Dog Biscuits (BSCT) to sustain themselves? Can they develop tools and accessories to reverse climate change and heal the planet? Or should they develop spaceships and related technology, to embark on a space voyage in search of a new home? And could the rumors be true, that some of the Cats have managed to survive as well? Members of the Degen Dogs CLUB will have to decide where they go from here...

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