Degen Dogs


Degen Dogs is comprised of the following smart contracts on the Polygon network:
Dog.sol - Minting/issuing of ERC71 NFTs, investing in DeFi, creating/redirecting streams
DogsAuctionHouse.sol - Managing auctions
TokenVestor.sol - Managing streams of tokens to Dog owners
BidTokens.sol - ERC20 contract for Dog Biscuits (BSCT)
DegenDAOLogicV1.sol - Governance contract for proposals an voting
DegenDAOProxy.sol - A proxy to above governance contract
DegenDAOExecutor.sol - Treasury / Timelock / Executor
Ukraine.sol - Forwards donations to Unchain Ukraine and issues ERC1155 tokens

Contracts Diagram

Note that the "Charitable DAO" created via DAOit will not be used at launch. The special Ukraine.sol contract will be used instead, to forward donations to Unchain Ukraine