Superfluid Finance

Streaming tokens in real-time

Superfluid Finance enables tokens to be streamed in real-time, with token balances updating every second. Degen Dogs uses Superfluid to stream DeFi tokens to Dog owners.

Super Tokens

In order to stream an ERC20 token using Superfluid, it first needs to be upgraded to a Super Token. (A technical term for this process is wrapping). For Degen Dogs, the idleWETHYield tokens are upgraded to idleWETHx. Note: the x suffix is typically used to denote a Super Token -- and the Yield part was removed just because the token symbol was already quite long!) The idleWETHx token can be found on Polygonscan here. Dog owners will receive streams of idleWETHx in the their wallets, with balances increasing every second.

Token Vesting

Token Vesting enables the deployment of Token Vestor contracts. Token Vestors enables the creation and management of multiple Superfluid streams per address. Degen Dogs uses a Token Vestor to manage the streams to Dog owners. Streams will thus come from the Token Vestor contract, rather than the Degen Dogs (ERC721) contract. While claiming (launching) a stream is an interaction with the Vestor contract, this can be be done from and Dog owners do not need to interact with the Token Vestor contract or UI directly.

FYI: Token Vesting was created by the same developer as Degen Dogs. It can be used by NFT projects, DAOs, and web3 teams to manage streams of reward tokens to community or team members. Questions? Join the Discord.


Once you have idleWETHx in your wallet, you can downgrade/unwrap them to idleWETHYield. The easiest way to do this is via the Superfluid dashboard (Currencies tab).

After that, you can then optionally redeem your idleWETHYield for WETH by using the Idle Finance app.

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