Dog Biscuits (BSCT)

The BSCT Token

Dog Biscuits -- BSCT tokens -- are ERC20 tokens issued to all bidders of Degen Dog auctions, including both unsuccessful and winning bidders. BSCT tokens are issued at a ratio of 1000:1 based on the bid submitted. For example, a bid of 1 WETH would result in 1000 BSCT tokens.

In addition, BSCT tokens are issued to the sender of Auction Settlement transactions, even if they did not bid in the auction. The same ratio of 1000:1, based on the winning bid, applies.

Note: Consecutive bids from the same address will not earn BSCT. For clarity, if you are the highest bidder, and then you outbid yourself, your bid will succeed, but BSCT will not be issued for the second bid. On the other hand, if you bid, then someone else outbids you, and then you bid again, you will receive BSCT for both of your bids.


Two reasons:

  1. Degen Dogs need to eat something in the Club.

  2. The Degen Dogs community is greater than just the Dog (NFT) owners. BSCT holders are also important.

Utility of BSCT Tokens

We all need to eat to survive, including the Degen Dogs. Dog Biscuits have the potential to help Dogs grow strong, to prepare them for the journey ahead. The specific utility of BSCT tokens is yet to be discovered. 😄

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