Idle Finance

Auction proceeds are invested via Idle Finance on Polygon. Specifically, WETH is invested in the WETH "Best Yield" strategy. As described by Idle: "Best Yield benefits users by socializing gas costs, automating the yield generation and rebalancing process, and automatically shifting capital as opportunities arise." For more information on Idle Best Yield strategies, click here.

Important: The current strategy for Idle WETH Best Yield is invested 100% in Aave V2 (Polygon). (see more stats)

Idle Tokens

Investment in Idle Best Yield strategies issues Idle Tokens representing the investment. In the case of WETH Best Yield, the Idle Tokens issued are idleWETHYield. The contract can be found here. These tokens are not inflationary. This means that the balance in your wallet does not increase automatically as you earn yield. Instead, there is a token price which increases over time. When you redeem your Idle Tokens (withdraw), this price will be used to determine the amount of WETH received, including the yield earned.

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